Protecting your privacy

Network security.
Once your information is in CardWiX, we back up those contacts to the cloud. We have firewalls and “access control” settings in place prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing this information. We use the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware software to fortify our network against hacking and other data security issues.
Physical security.
Your security is always our top priority. Once we receive your documents in our office, we scan them and store your hard copies in locked cabinets. If you’d like your documents back, we will return them by mail. Otherwise, the documents will be securely shredded after 4 weeks and recycled for environmental purposes.
Access to data.
We check references, do background checks and have our workers sign confidentiality and security agreements. We also have strict policies on printing and sharing files. All activity is monitored carefully with everything from audit trails to log activities.
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