What problem does CardWiX solve?

If you’re in business, networking is absolutely essential. But the task of having to manually type your contacts in order to grow your business is not only frustrating but a colossal waste of time! CardWiX solves this problem by letting us do the manual work. for you The value is you will have accurate data right away without the pain of doing the transcription yourself.

How does it work?

Just send us your file and we will digitize. You can select from either our mail-in option or upload option. When your file is ready, we will send you a link that you can click on to view your contacts online.

Can I scan my own business cards or document and upload to your website?


Can I mail using my own envelope?

Of course! We suggest that you use a shipping service that allows you to track the package en route. For heavy or steady users, we can send you customized CardWiX envelopes for your convenience.

How long does it take after I place my order for you to finish my project?

Depending on the size of your project, we guarantee 24-48 hours turnaround.

If I don’t want my business cards or hard copies back, can you dispose it?

Yes. We will securely shred and recycle all hard copies after four weeks to give you ample time to make sure you want to get rid of your documents. Recycling is good for the environment and we will take care of it for you.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our most unique aspect is the functionality to upload scanned document file to our secured website. This means that you can upload scanned copies of your business cards or send documents in PDF, Word or text formats. Other transcription companies only give you a mail-in option which could be a hassle when you are a customer outside the United States or if you want to save money on postage. You are in control of your data; we give you the option to delete files for one-time projects or get rid of the hassle of maintaining data in different locations. Our one-click export function also gives you a choice of not one but three formats in exporting your data. We also offer a Free Trial of up to 25 entries.

What is an entry?

One entry includes all of the following: First name, Middle name, Last name, company name, job title, address, state, city, zip code, country, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address and website. If you have handwritten notes in your business card, we will put them in your record, too!

What is your pricing model?

Credits are required to transcribe contacts, that is, one credit per entry. CardWiX offers a pay-as-you go option that allows you to recharge your accounts with credits. Click here for our pricing plans.

What kinds of security/privacy control are in place for the service?

CardWiX has strict data privacy and security policies to guard your data. We secure our network by working with our security partners and give limited access only to authorized personnel. By giving you the option to set the expiration date on your data, we will not keep data in our system that you don’t need. For more information on network and physical security, click here.

How can CardWiX help me grow my business?

CardWiX complements your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts. After we have digitized your contacts, you can sync contacts across platforms. Our one-click export function will generate a CSV file which you will then import to your CRM software. Lexis Nexis InterAction, SugarCRM, Salesforce and many others support CSV formats. CSV is also supported by every major contact management system: Gmail, iPhone, Blackberry, Linkedin, Outlook and Yahoo mail.

I don’t have a CRM software, how can CardWiX help me grow my business?

Our one-click export function can generate an excel sheet. While excel is not set up to do a mailing list, Microsoft Word can read excel workbook and merge the data into labels and envelopes. You can create a distribution list and do a mailing list in Microsoft Word from an excel data source. Compliance with CAN-SPAM Act is of course another story.

Why not use a business scanner instead?

Scanners are good for business cards but not for other A4 size text based hard copy documents. There’s also no guarantee that it’s 100% error-free because business cards may have background colors or texts that are hard to read which could mess up your data. In order to correct errors, you will have to proofread and manually edit entries one-by-one.

Do you have a refund policy?

If we haven’t started transcribing your contacts yet, you can cancel or change your order. If we’ve already started your project, the sale is final and cannot be refunded.

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