Slash administrative costs.
Say goodbye to expensive overhead associated with hiring a temporary worker to input data.
Increase productivity.
Our quick and fast turnaround time of 24-48 hours lets you and your employees focus on other work.
We value your privacy.
Data security comes first! We implement strict policies on print/file sharing and treat your information with the utmost confidentiality. Your contacts are backed up securely to the cloud, and we work with our network partners to ensure web security.
100% accuracy.
Save yourself the pain of typing your contacts or proofreading your list one-by-one. All data is edited and reviewed by a team of workers. We guarantee 100% accuracy or we revise for free.
Enjoy pure convenience.
Our web-based application lets you view and export your data online 24/7. We also make sending your files hassle-free. You can either upload your files to our secured website or use mail-in option to send hard copy documents. Whatever option you choose, you'll always get the same fast, reliable service.
Networking made easy.
If you collect contact information in any format, it's important that you transfer your complete contact list into your database ASAP. Why? When you digitize, you build your own contact list, making it easier for you to connect by sending updates, newsletters, announcements or just saying "hello" to a friend. Building and maintaining key relationships has never been easier.


You'll get:
  • An e-mail from us when your file is ready.
  • An exportable spreadsheet in Excel, CSV or VCF formats using our one-click export function
  • Fast and reliable transcription
  • Ability to set expiration date or store your data
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