Who We Are

CardWiX is the brain child of Grace Sales, a lifelong problem solver. Before launching CardWiX, Grace’s career ambitions and passions led her around the world, from Manila to Stockholm and now to New York, where she learned about law, information technology, and the value of hard work.

When she experienced the pain of manually transcribing contacts firsthand, Grace’s problem-solving instincts kicked into overdrive. She literally drew her concepts on paper hoping that she could solve the pain of manually transcribing contact lists. The result was a software-as-a service (SaaS) business concept powered by machine and human workers, and guaranteed to give 100% data accuracy. It took well over a year of research and testing, but she created CardWiX from scratch.

Today, Grace continues to innovate, working hard to make CardWiX the most advanced, efficient application for seamlessly transcribing and importing contact information for businesses.

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