CardWiX, The Brand

What’s the deal with the name?

"Wix" is a slang word used to describe something that is cool or approvable. We slapped the word “Card” in front of it to keep our name short and memorable.

Who’s the cute little guy in your logo?

With his business-card-shaped body and friendly disposition, Wix is perfectly suited to represent the CardWiX brand. The idea for Wix grew from a brainstorming session where we were trying to think of a unique design and shape for our own business cards. After some quick doodling, the character was born. We’ve even toyed around (pun intended) with the idea of making WiX a stuffed toy.

Here are Grace’s original drawings of WiX. WiX as a stuffed toy

Why are your colors green and orange?

Green is not only comforting but it also represents the environment. By reducing your paper clutter and digitizing your list of contacts, you’re doing your part to help save the environment.

The color orange is associated with fun and creativity. We have this crazy idea that work should be fun. You shouldn’t be spending your time tediously typing hundreds of contacts. But we love what you hate. So we’re here to help.

Who are the WiXers?

Like Santa’s elves working feverishly behind the scenes, WiXers are human encoders that could easily expand to hundreds in order to meet your most demanding and time-sensitive projects. We use a combination of advanced software technology and human efforts to guarantee 100% data transcription accuracy.

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